AMG GT-R CustomPro ECU remap

AMG GT-R CustomPro ECU remap

With less than 50 AMG GT-R's registered in the UK you dont see them on the road very often, and with 585bhp and 700nm of torque from the factory they are already an extremely fast car! 

The owner of this Supercar has already had lots of other fantastic high performance vehicles in at Performance Centre for the CustomPro ECU remap treatment and knew that even though AMG have done a great job, there was more available by optimising the maps, so he booked it in with us and left it for a few days.

Once we had taken a read of the Bosch MED17.7.5 engine control unit we set about identifying the maps that could be improved and carefully calibrating them so that reliability and fuel economy are not affected, but driveability and performance are greatly improved upon. 

And heres the results, with power gains of 88bhp and 148nm at midrange RPM with new peak power outputs of 648bhp and a huge 850nm of torque!


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