Audi RS7 - CustomPro Remap

Audi RS7 - CustomPro Remap

This is the latest Audi RS7 and comes equipped with the 4.0 TFSI, a twin turbo V8. The owner of this stunning car brought his last car here for tuning, a V10 Audi R8. Since making the change and knowing about the potential these engines have, the car was booked in straight away for us to apply our CustomPro remap software.

The car spent the day with us whilst it went through repeated testing on the dyno to ensure everything was perfect before leaving us. Included in this software is top speed limiter removal, perfect for those trips to Germany where this car excels.

We have since spoken with the owner a week later to find out how he was getting on with the car improved performance and although he didn't have the car long before he brought it to us, he said "it definitely packs more of a punch, but is yet to test it to its full potential".

Power gained: 130 bhp @ 5,100 rpm

Torque gained: 142 nm

Audi RS7 rolling road dyno graph

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