BMW 116i N13B16 - CustomPro Remap

BMW 116i N13B16 - CustomPro Remap

The N13B16 engine can be found in the pre-lci BMW 114i, 116i and 118i. It's not until the 125i until the car receives the N20B20 engine. Because you can find the N13B16 in three different models, it means BMW have kindly produced one engine, then altered the ECU software to give each their unique power levels. This means, if you buy the 114i or the 116i like the owner of this car, you can remap the vehicle to produce exactly the same as what a remapped 118i would produce.

A question we often get asked when tuning de-tuned vehicles is, can the engine handle the huge power increase? The answer is yes. The engine is identical amongst the three different models, so is no different to remapping the highest bhp model.

As you can see below, the difference in power is huge. Not only that, but it takes the very flat torque delivery and changes it dramatically so the car will drive completely different.

Power gained: 75 bhp

Torque gained: 79 ftlb

BMW 116i rolling road dyno graph

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