BMW 320i F30 - CustomPro Remap

BMW 320i F30 - CustomPro Remap

The owner of this BMW 320i with the N20B20 2.0 petrol turbo engine brought the car to us initially for a rolling road test. The car was already equipped with a tuning box and whilst it was producing more power, it was not what the owner wanted. After speaking to us and realising the potential gains he could achieve were huge, he opted for our CustomPro software.

The graph below shows the difference between the car standard, with the tuning box installed and our CustomPro remap software. As you can see on the graph the car was making an additional 35 bhp and 42 ftlb of torque with the tuning box installed.

Power gained over the tuning box: 57 bhp
Power gained over stock: 93 bhp

Torque gained over the tuning box: 99 ftlb
Torque gained over stock: 141 ftlb

BMW 320i tuning box vs. CustomPro software dyno graph

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