BMW 435XD - CustomPro remap

BMW 435XD - CustomPro remap

This is BMW's latest flagship 3.0 turbo diesel model and comes badged as a 435d with their four wheel drive "X-Drive" system. This car was purchased with a few cosmetic upgrades (the 20" BBS CH-R wheels, AC Schnitzer exhaust and carbon fibre splitters/diffuser) so the owner wanted to add a bit more power to match the cars looks.

BMW claim the car comes standard with 313 bhp and 630 nm of torque and we'd normally see close to that but very slightly under. This car was tested on the dyno initially 280 bhp and 596 nm of torque. After some diagnostics work we discovered the car had various codes and once fixed we dyno test the car again and it made almost 300 bhp.

With this complete we began tuning the car and the end result can be seen below.

Power gained: 88 bhp

Torque gained: 111 nm

BMW 435xd rolling road dyno graph

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