BMW 530d 258 F10 - CustomPro remap

BMW 530d 258 F10 - CustomPro remap

This is the latest 5 series from BMW, the F10 530d. This comes with the 3.0 turbo diesel engine which produces 258 bhp as standard. The ECU on these vehicles is difficult to work with and there are people who won't tune them for this reason. We have probably tuned in excess of 100 F Series BMW cars now since the software was released not that long ago, so have a lot of experience in working with it.

With this particular model, we aim for around the 300 bhp mark and 700 nm of torque. This example made slightly less than what BMW claim making just under 253 bhp and 584 nm of torque which is still perfectly fine.

The graph below shows peak power made at 3,900 rpm when standard, but now we're making the same amount of power at 2,600 rpm, so a huge 1,300 rom earlier! The torque delivery is very flat as standard so is instantly stronger from 1,600 rpm.

Power gained: 48 bhp

Torque gained: 117 nm

BMW F10 530d rolling road dyno graph

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