BMW 420i B48 - JB4 install

BMW 420i B48 - JB4 install

The owner of this BMW 420i is friends with a customer of ours who has had a lot of work done on his BMW M135i. After experiencing the power we achieved in the M135i the owner decided it was time to bring his 420i in for installation of the JB4.

This 4 series has the later B48 engine which is very similar to that of the Mini Cooper S F56 engine, although the way the two cars make power is very different. The B48 is BMW's latest 2.0 petrol turbo engine and uses very little boost, but this is changed with the JB4 and our custom map 6 settings. We're confident this car will eventually be able to produce more power still in further JB4 firmware updates, but nevertheless, in our road testing, the car drove completely different.

Power gained: 38 bhp

Torque gained: 62 nm

BMW 420i JB4 rolling road dyno graph

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