BMW E46 M3 - Dyno Test

BMW E46 M3 - Dyno Test

The owner of this car is no stranger to rolling road testing. After previously owning a 330ci which we saw a lot of, he upgraded to this stunning E46 M3. As soon as he purchased the car he was in straight away for dyno testing to find out the standard figures before any modifications.

Once he learned we had replaced the dyno he was back in again to repeat the same test so he had a standard base test. The only thing that has changed on the car was a few cosmetic changes and an exhaust modification which made the car sound perfect. With exhaust work, these cars are renowned for being "raspy" but the modification Chris made allowed the car to sound different to standard, whilst maintaining a sensible level of noise. We can't wait to see where he goes with this car, but first modification is a CSL style intake so we'll see how that affects power.

Power: 325 bhp

Torque: 352 nm

BMW E46 M3 rolling road dyno graph

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