BMW F30 335i N55 - JB4 and BMS products

BMW F30 335i N55 - JB4 and BMS products

If you've been keeping up to date with our recent blogs, you'll know just how many F series BMW's we tune. This example was no exception. This is the F30 335i which uses the same engine that can be found in the M135i/M235i. This model used the electronic wastegate so opted for the BMS JB4 with EWG harness and intake kit, the Richter decat downpipe and the M Performance exhaust with carbon fibre tailpipes, all finalised with our custom map 6 settings.

BMW 335i parts

We wasted no time installing the JB4 and BMS intake kit whilst we waited for the exhaust to cool down. After a straight forward installation of those, we removed the stock exhaust ready for installation of the downpipe and MPE. The M Performance exhaust requires the backbox to be cut off and sleeved onto the original mid section, but again, was straight forward and worth it when you hear how they sound!

With everything fitted, we strapped the car to the dyno and began testing map 1, map 2 and finally setting up our map 6 custom settings. With the car on the dyno it means we can accurately datalog the car to extract as much performance from the car, but more importantly, safely.

All parts available from our online store:

Power gained: 98 bhp

Torque gained: 180 nm

BMW 335i N55 F30 rolling road dyno graph

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