BMW F87 M2 - Stage 2 JB4

BMW F87 M2 - Stage 2 JB4

This is the F87 BMW M2. This car uses the chassis and gearbox from the S55 engined M3 and M4, but utilises the N55 engine that can be found in the M135i and M235i. Because of this, you will see a fairly similar end result as to what you would find in the Mx35i. That said, with changes such as the 7 speed DCT gearbox, we found that the torque was slightly higher, but the main difference between the 2 cars is the chassis.

After owning a stunning M235i we tuned a little while back, the owner transferred the Richter 4" sports cat and JB4 to the new M2. With a quick firmware update, we went ahead with our custom map 6 settings and achieved fantastic results!

Power gained: 50 bhp @ 3,300 rpm

Torque gained: 75 ftlb

BMW F87 M2 rolling road dyno graph

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