BMW M135i - Dyno testing + Map 6 settings

BMW M135i - Dyno testing + Map 6 settings

The owner of this BMW M135i purchased a JB4 and decat downpipe from a friend, installed them and was amazed at the difference. With the parts installed, he drove down from Scotland to us here at The Performance Centre to test the car on the dyno and create a map 6 based for the JB4 on the live data received from the car.

The owner had only driven the car in map 1 (the blue line on the graph) but still felt a massive improvement over standard. After around an hour on the dyno, we finalised the map 6 settings and ended up with the fantastic result shown below. In some points of the rev range map 6 was making double the difference map 1 did!

Power gained over stock: 79 bhp
Power gained over map 1: 41 bhp

Torque gained over stock: 119 nm
Torque gained over map 1: 70 nm @ 4,800 rpm

BMW M135i manual rolling road dyno graph

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