BMW M135i - JB4 and Decat

BMW M135i - JB4 and Decat

If you keep up to date with our blog posts you will see how many BMW M135i/M235i we tune. The more popular option tends to be with people looking to run Stage 2 with either the Richter sports cat or Richter decat downpipe. This tends to be because the exhaust note is changed drastically giving a more volume but a much nicer sound on overrun too. As well as the sound change, it also allows us to achieve anywhere between 380 bhp and 420 bhp! We've even seen one manual make over 430 bhp!

This car was in for install of the JB4 and Richter decat downpipe with rolling road testing and custom map 6 application. The end result was fantastic with the owner saying "map 6 has transformed the car".

Power gained: 66 bhp

Torque gained: 161 nm

BMW M135i ewg map 6 decat rolling road dyno graph

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