BMW M135i - JB4, decat, intercooler

BMW M135i - JB4, decat, intercooler

There cannot be many BMW M135i's left standard in the country! This is another later EWG style M135i in for installation of the BMS JB4, intercooler and decat downpipe with EWG harness add-on. The customer opted for our rolling road testing with map 6 setup as part of the package deal too leaving with a completely different car!

We initially installed all of the parts then put the car on the rolling road. Stock figures were as expected, making slightly more than BMW claim due to the additional modifications. The graph below shows stock power and torque (yellow), map 1 (green), map 2 (blue) and map 6 (red).

Power gained: 74 bhp

Torque gained: 117 nm

BMW M135i rolling road dyno graph

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