BMW M135i Stage 2 - JB4

BMW M135i Stage 2 - JB4

There can't be many BMW M135i's left in the UK that are still standard. People travel from all over the country to us here at The Performance Centre to have the JB4 installed. One of our most popular setups is to have the the JB4, sports cat/decat fitted and tested/setup on the rolling road. The owner of this vehicle travelled from Lancashire to have a sports cat and JB4 fitted with the additional bluetooth module, setup on the dyno with custom map 6 settings.

The car already had a BCS Powervalve system fitted, so coupled with the sports cat, sounded fantastic. With the sports cat, JB4 and bluetooth module installed we put the car on the dyno and went ahead datalogging the car, altering the custom map 6 settings to achieve what power we could.

Power gained: 71 bhp

Torque gained: 93 ftlb (at 3,500 rpm the torque increase is 125 ftlb!)

BMW M135i EWG Stage 2 rolling road dyno graph

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