BMW M135i - Water methanol install

BMW M135i - Water methanol install

This car has been to us in the past for installation of the BMS JB4, decat downpipe and upgraded intercooler making over 400 bhp at that point. Although the car drove brilliantly (and very fast) the owner still wanted more. The next logical step is the route of water methanol injection with the upgraded Forge chargepipe.

There are a number of benefits to water methanol and it can be used for various reasons. Most importantly, water methanol acts as an octane booster allowing you to run more ignition advance ending in a result of additional power and torque. Before we installed the WMI we tested the car in map 0 and in map 6 to ensure everything on the car was as healthy as when it left. When we tested map 6 the car was making 403 bhp with 16 psi. Once we had installed the water methanol we were seeing the same peak figures but only using 12 psi of boost! Which brings me to the second benefit of water methanol. It allows you to run more power, but with less boost making it safer for the engine and other components.

The end result was fantastic. We saw a big increase in peak to peak power but the mid range power and torque improvement was massive on an already fast car!

If you're interested in installing water methanol to your car, contact us now and we can supply and install kits based on what you require!

Power gained: 120 bhp @ 4,800 rpm (over standard)

Torque gained: 193 nm (over standard)


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