BMW M140i - JB4 and decat

BMW M140i - JB4 and decat

The M140i is becoming more popular with regards to tuning as more and more are being purchased, parts are being developed etc. If you've read our previous posts regarding the 40i you'll know they suffer with a fuelling issue which limits the amount of power they can run. With the latest update on the JB4 the car allows you to run map 2 which from testing is giving us more power and torque than previous.

Below the graph shows the car stock and map 2 from the BMS JB4. As you can see the stock power was way over what BMW claim and we've seen 360 bhp on a completely stock car, so with the Richter decat downpipe bolted on, we see more.

Power gained: 43 bhp

Torque gained: 83 nm

BMW M140i rolling road dyno graph

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