BMW M2 F87 - Richter decat downpipe

BMW M2 F87 - Richter decat downpipe

As a replacement for our BMW F10 M5, we now have the F87 M2. The first thing we did was to install one of our Richter decat downpipe to the car. The exhaust already has more of a "bass" tone to it than the M1/235i, but with the decat downpipe installed, it becomes very different indeed.

BMW M2 F87 decat downpipe fitting

The downpipes on these cars are fortunately easy to fit. We wasted no time in getting the car on the ramps and installing our 4" Richter decat downpipe.

BMW M2 F87 decat downpipe in place

Decat downpipe fitted in place.

On the M135i and M235i we typically see a gain of around 10-15 bhp by simply fitting the decat downpipe alone, without any software or other hardware modifications. We are yet to dyno test the M2 but will be soon when we install a JB4.

Meanwhile, this is the result..

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