BMW M2 - JB4, sports cat and intercooler

BMW M2 - JB4, sports cat and intercooler

The owner of this F87 BMW M2 had already purchased our Richter sports cat downpipe and had it installed. To compliment this he opted for the JB4 with the additional EWG harness, the bluetooth connect kit and the BMS front mount intercooler upgrade and travelled from Blackpool for us to install it.

All parts can be found on our online store here:

As we found on our demo M2, the stock intercooler is not brilliant. We immediately installed the BMS upgrade and saw power surpass 400 bhp, something which is not possible on the stock setup.

With everything installed we set the car up on the dyno and went ahead with our custom map 6 settings. Map 2 proved to be more consistent in power delivery so left it with that.

Power gained: 34 bhp

Torque gained: 70 nm

BMW F87 M2 rolling road dyno graph

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