BMW M235i - JB4 premium package

BMW M235i - JB4 premium package

Recently we put together some package deals and the first person to take advantage of this was the owner of this BMW M235i. The package includes the JB4 (with EWG harness add-on), Rev3 bluetooth connect kit, BMS intercooler, Richter decat downpipe, Forge Motorsport chargepipe, fitting for all parts with rolling road testing and setup! All of these products can be found on our online store here.

Although we've found the intercooler and chargepipe don't neccessarily add more power, they make everything a lot safer reducing intake air temps and preventing the stock, plastic chargepipe from cracking!

The graph below shows the huge difference between stock, map 2 and map 6! Map 6 settings working particularly well on this car producing power right to the end of the rpm range! The stock lines were with the hardware already fitted.

Power gained: 51 bhp

Torque gained: 103 nm

BMW M235i rolling road dyno graph

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