BMW M235i - JB4 + Sports cat downpipe

BMW M235i - JB4 + Sports cat downpipe

Here at The Performance Centre we LOVE the N55 engine, whether it be in an M135i, M235i or an M2. This M235i came to us for installation of the JB4 and the Richter sports cat. This vehicle is a manual, less commonly seen than the 8 speed ZF auto, but the manuals tend to make slightly more power than the autos, as we saw in this situation.

With the JB4 giving us the ability to switch between maps, we fitted everything to the car, then ran the car in map 0 (standard) then again in map 2, before applying our custom settings to map 6.

Map 6 settings are based on live data we see from the dyno and the datalogging sessions we perform whilst the car is on the dyno. This allows us to remove a small amount of torque in the low rpm, and "move" it to the high rpm, which not only helps with traction (630nm in a rear wheel drive car can be difficult to use), but also allows for a better peak bhp figure.

Power gained: 71 bhp

Torque gained: 146 nm

BMW M235i rolling road dyno graph

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