BMW M3 S55 - JB4 install

BMW M3 S55 - JB4 install

This is the latest M3 from BMW. The F80 uses the S55 3.0 twin turbo straight 6 to produce 430 bhp and 550 nm of torque. These cars use an ECU which adapts to increase/reduce boost levels as standard based on conditions so it's very rare you'll find one of these make claimed figures.

The owner came down from Scotland to have the Burger Motorsports JB4 installaed along with the Rev 3 connect kit. Unfortunately, the first time the car arrived it was only using 95 ron so we filled the tank with 99 ron to try and get around it. We went ahead with the install under the premise the car was coming back for re-testing.

You can see on the graph below just how much impact 99 ron fuel had over the standard 95. We always inform customers of the importance of fuel quality when tuning a car and how something so simple can alter the final results dramatically.

Red line is standard
Blue is map 1
Green is map 2 with a mixture of 95/99 ron
Yellow is map 2 with 99 ron

BMW F80 M3 S55 rolling road dyno graph JB4

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