BMW M4 Competition Pack gets the CustomPro Stage 1 remap treatment!

BMW M4 Competition Pack gets the CustomPro Stage 1 remap treatment!

We have been tuning the S55 engine as used in the F80 and F82 M3 and M4 (and the upcoming M2 competition) since we bought one as a demo car back in 2014, and has been one of the most common cars we have tuned ever since. 

This fantastic 2018 M4 Competition Pack in Yas Marina blue with Mperformance front splitters was with us today for our CustomPro Stage 1 remap, which includes the following AS STANDARD:


  • Diagnostic and visual inspection
  • Rolling road testing and datalogging session before tuning
  • CustomPro ECU remapping session using live dyno data and OBD data logging via OBD port, ECU remains untouched
  • Dyno graphs showing the true power and torque gains achieved from tuning
  • VAT reciept and certificate of installation
  • CVN correction, this is used by BMW to ensure the vehicles software calibration is correct
  • Flash counter reset, we ensure that the ECU in your car does not record any of the flashes (ecu programming attempts) that we carry out in its memory 
  • Vmax, otherwise known as speed limiter removal
  • Raised RPM limiter


With peak power gains of 78bhp and 120nm of torque, along with perfectly smooth power delivery and remodelled throttle mapping, this car now achieves peak figures of 528bhp and 680nm of torque! 

As well as engine tuning we also offer genuine BMW software updates for all vehicle modules including engine and gearbox as well as vehicle servicing using genuine BMW and OEM quality parts.
For more info or to discuss your BMW tuning and serviving needs give us a call on 01915402048 or call in at our Performance Centre in Sunderland for a chat, you can find the specifications for your own car by clicking the link below:





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