BMW M4 - JB4, Bluetooth connect kit and BMS intakes

BMW M4 - JB4, Bluetooth connect kit and BMS intakes

This stunning BMW M4 with the 3.0 straight 6, twin turbo S55 engine was brought into us for installation of the Burger Motorsports JB4, the bluetooth connect kit and the BMS intakes. The plan was to test the car on the dyno, but with the owner bringing it back in the new year for decat downpipes, we held off for now.

As you can see below, the twin air intakes from Burger Motorsports feel right at home in the engine bay of the M4, tucked in nicely behind that carbon fibre strut brace.

Burger Motorsports air intake kit installed along with the JB4

To make use of the beautiful carbon ceramic brakes pictured below we needed to add more power. This came in the form of the S55 JB4 also from Burger Motorsports. The owner is bringing the car back to us in the new year to install decat downpipes so we didn't test the car on the dyno just yet.

BMW M4 carbon ceramic brakes

Because this car frequents various tracks around the country, we installed the bluetooth connect module which allows the user to display various digital gauges on their choice of phone/tablet/laptop. Not only this, but it allows the user to implement their own custom settings (something we will be doing whilst datalogging the car on the dyno next year), update the firmware to the latest version, switch maps and much, much more!

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