BMW M4 - JB4 & decat downpipes

BMW M4 - JB4 & decat downpipes

The owner of this car came up from London to have the very popular install of the Burger Motorsports JB4, Bluetooth Rev 3 connect kit and our Richter decat downpipes. This car already had the BMS air intakes fitted so was the perfect package, ready for tuning on the dyno.

The photo below shows the difference betwen the standard, restrictive cats compared to our Richter decat downpipes allowing exhaust gases to move quicker improving power.

BMW S55 M3 M4 Richter decat downpipes

The graph below shows the difference between the car when standard (with the bolt ons installed) in blue, map 1 in green, map 2 in red and our custom setup map 6 in yellow. As you can see, stock power was strong and exactly as we expected with map 1 and map 2 both giving brilliant results. With map 6 we tend to reduce the amount of torque in the low rpm slightly to help the car get traction which also allows the car to achieve stronger figures in the high rpm where it matters more on this car.

Power gained: 68 bhp

Torque gained: 129 nm

BMW M3 M4 S55 rolling road dyno graph

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