BMW M4 - Remus cat-back and BMS intakes

BMW M4 - Remus cat-back and BMS intakes

The owner of this stunning BMW M4 came into us for supply and install of the Remus cat-back exhaust system. This is the non-resonated system which removes 2 of the 4 cats leaving the primary cats in place. As well as this, the owner opted for the Burger Motorsport intake kit which was also supplied and installed.

BMW original exhaust systemBMW Remus exhaust system

The photo above shows the difference in tailpipes comparing the original polished version to the dry carbon fibre Remus tailpipes.

BMW burger motorsport intake kit

The first thing to do was to fit the Burger Motorsport intake kit. Not only does this look brilliant, but it also produces a fantastic sound!

The video below demonstrates how the Remus sounds with the valves closed and with the valves open. I think it's quite obvious as to when the valves open!


With the parts installed, the car already had a tuning box fitted, so we tested the car in "standard" form (secondary cat delete and intakes) against the car with the parts installed and the tune switched on. The dyno graph can be seen below.

Power: 508.6 bhp

Torque:501.8 ftlb

BMW M4 Litchfield tuning box

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