BMW S55 M4 - Custom map 6 settings

BMW S55 M4 - Custom map 6 settings

The owner of this F82 BMW M4 travelled 4 hours to us for our rolling road setup with custom map 6 settings. The car already had decat downpipes and BMS air intakes installed along with the S55 JB4. Whilst the car was here we installed the rev3 connect kit allowing easy access to the JB4 through a phone or tablet. This meant we could get the car on the dyno straight away and test stock, map 1 and map 2 settings. The car also benefitted from the factory fitted carbon ceramic brakes and the aftermarket H&R lowering springs. All parts are available from our online store:

The graph below displays all the data from the rolling road test. Unfortunately the car only had 97 ron fuel in and from the datalogs the car showed to be pulling ignition timing resulting in a slighty lower power output in the high rpm. That said, the mid range gains were extremely impressive, especially with our map 6 settings.

The graph itself is fairly explanitory but red is stock, blue is map 1, green is map 2 and yellow is map 6. With 99 ron fuel, we'd expect this car to be making at least 530 bhp. We had an F80 M3 with the same setup and ran 550 bhp!

Power gain in map 6 over standard (with parts already installed): 47 bhp

Torque gain in map 6 over standard (with parts already installed): 146 nm

BMW M4 S55 rolling road dyno graph

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