BMW X5 40d - CustomPro remap

BMW X5 40d - CustomPro remap

The owner of this BMW X5 40d brought his previous car (BMW 635d) to us for our CustomPro software around a year ago. In his words "the difference was phenomenal" and he loved the way the car drove. After buying a newer X5 40d (3.0 turbo diesel, 306 bhp) he believed the 635d drove better. Because of this, he brought the car to us for CustomPro remap software. 

The main focus on cars like this is the initial torque input in the low rpm, being a big, heavy, four wheel drive vehicle the car doesn't have any issues with traction so we can afford to improve this area the most. In a car like this peak power isn't necessarily as important because it's very rare that you'll drive this car to 4,700 rpm anyway!

Power gained: 58 bhp

Torque gained: 146 nm

BMW X5 40d rolling road dyno graph

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