BMW Z4 18i - CustomPro remap

BMW Z4 18i - CustomPro remap

The BMW Z4 18i uses the same N20 engine that can be found in the Z4 20i (with very minor engine component differences). This is evident in the huge power and torque increase seen on the graph below!

We love tuning these cars and the customers always give brilliant feedback (as you'd expect, who doesn't want over 100 bhp from a remap?). You can see where BMW limited the power in the software at 4,200 rpm where the power "curve" flattens off completely until redline. After the remap power will continue to climb all the way to 5,700 rpm where it's held flat until redline.

Power gained: 109 bhp

Torque gained: 160 nm @ 5,200 rpm

BMW Z4 18i rolling road dyno graph

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