BMW Z4 18i - CustomPro remap

BMW Z4 18i - CustomPro remap

If you keep up to date with our blog posts you'll probably remember a few weeks back when we had 3 BMW Z4's in around the same time, all gaining huge amounts of power, recently we had another, this time the Z4 18i. This is the de-tuned N20 engine which comes standard with 156 bhp but is capable of close to double that!

The graph below shows the difference in power of the car standard and tuned (with 99 ron fuel). You could almost assume it was 2 different cars! The car now excels in the high rpm where before power used to flatten and torque would drop off slowly.

The next day the owner kindly left a review for us:

"Fantastic service. Took my Z4 in for a remap and they gave me a much improved car back with an additional 115Bhp, I'm seriously impressed. Thanks guys"

Power gained: 110 bhp

Torque gained: 150 nm @ 5,400 rpm

BMW Z4 18i rolling road dyno graph

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