BMW Z4 20i - CustomPro software

BMW Z4 20i - CustomPro software

You may have seen the previous BMW Z4's we have tuned, well here's another. This time the car is the Z4 20i which uses the same N20 engine as that in the 18i (the blue one we posted about a few days ago).

This is the 184 bhp model and you can see on the graph below that in the high rpm the power is held flat from 4,300 rpm and torque tapers off slowly from the same point. Now, after our CustomPro software, the car pulls hard to 7,000 rpm thanks to the rpm limiter raise and torque is stronger throughout, but even more so in the high rpm!

Power gained: 85 bhp

Torque gained: 115 nm @ 5,400 rpm

BMW Z4 20i rolling road dyno graph

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