Cobra cat-back fitting + decat downpipe - BMW M135i

Cobra cat-back fitting + decat downpipe - BMW M135i

A lot of people fit either a decat or sports cat downpipe to the M135i because not only do they make a brilliant noise, but it also allows us to tune the car to around 400 bhp. Because of this, not a lot of people fit a cat-back system as well as the downpipe.

Recently, Cobra have developed a new system and offered one to us for some testing. We had both the resonated centre section, and the none-resonated centre section. At first, with the car having a decat downpipe fitted, we were going to fit the resonated system. We decided to fit the non-res system first though, to find out just how loud it actually was.

To our surprise, the car sounded brilliant. Under load, the "raspy" BMW 6 cylinder gained a lot more of a bass tone and the owner reported back saying there was very little drone on the motorway. Not something you'd expect from a turbo-back system with a decat and no resonators!

As well as the brilliant sound, the system also looks fantastic with the tailpipes filling the cutout in the bumper perfectly.

Cobra vs standard BMW M135i cat back

BMW M135i Cobra cat back

BMW M135i Cobra cat back comparison standard
BMW M135i Cobra cat back exhaust

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