Ford Fiesta ST 150 - Rolling road testing

Ford Fiesta ST 150 - Rolling road testing

The owner of this Ford Fiesta ST 150 recently purchased the car. The previous owner explained the car had some engine work and other modifications but had no paperwork or receipts to back this up.

When the customer brought the car in we asked him what power he was expecting and he explained the previous owner told him it was 200 bhp, but he'd be happy with 170 bhp. With previous experience with these engines we know 200 bhp is only achievable with thousands of pounds spent on engine modifications so weren't too confident the car was going to produce the numbers expected.

During the first test we let off the throttle at 7,000 rpm because we weren't sure where the rev limit was set to but at that point the car produced 187 bhp! Once we found out the rev limit was set to almost 7,500 rpm we retested the car and it made over 200bhp!

Power: 200 bhp

Torque: 191 nm

Ford Fiesta ST 150 rolling road dyno graph

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