Ford Fiesta ST 180 - CustomPro remap

Ford Fiesta ST 180 - CustomPro remap

The Ford Fiesta ST comes with the latest 1.6 EcoBoost engine and produces a claimed 180 bhp as standard. We have dyno tested completely standard cars with premium fuel and they always make around 190 bhp. This car was brought to us with an upgraded intercooler, cat-back exhaust and intake already fitted and we know how well these cars respond to bolt on modifications. This is the reason this car produced over 200 bhp as "standard".

With our CustomPro software you can see on the graph the car now benefits from an extended rpm limit, more power throughout the rpm and a huge torque increase! The owner took the car to the Nurburgring a few days after we remapped the car so it will be interesting to find out how he got on. No doubt we'll see the car again in for decat or sports cat downpipe and a map upgrade.

Power gained: 25 bhp @ 5,300 rpm

Torque gained: 57 nm

Ford Fiesta ST 180 rolling road dyno graph

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