Ford Fiesta ST - CustomPro remap & Revo intake

Ford Fiesta ST - CustomPro remap & Revo intake

The owner of this car paid us a visit a little while back when we supplied and installed the Milltek cat-back exhaust system. At that point the car was completely standard performance wise. The owner still loves the noise the car produced but wanted more so opted for the Revo air intake kit. This is the open cone style full intake which fits to the turbo with a one-piece 70mm aluminium pipe, mandrel bent to ensure no internal restrictions.

Revo Ford Fiesta intake kit

With the intake installed we went ahead and began tuning the car with our CustomPro remap software. Because of the amount of these cars we have tuned the remapping process took no time at all. The standard power and torque was high compared to what Ford claim as standard, but these cars always make above 190 bhp. With the additional modifications this car has, the car actually produced almost 199 bhp.
The difference in the way these cars drive after an ECU remap is fantastic. They become a lot more responsive and really come alive. Each time we write a blog post about the Fiesta ST we always say how much we love them, and this example was no exception.

Power gained: 30 bhp @ 2,500 rpm

Torque gained: 90 nm @ 2,400 rpm

Ford Fiesta ST rolling road dyno graph

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