Ford Fiesta ST - Dyno testing

Ford Fiesta ST - Dyno testing

This dyno test was a little bit different to our usual dyno tests. The owner of this car has built this insane looking Ford Fiesta ST180 from a standard car himself. The graph you can see below shows two graphs and you could mistake for a before and after graph from a remap. What it actually is, is the difference between two different turbos.

The original turbo was a rather large Borgwarner turbo which made brilliant power and torque (the blue lines) when you only look at the peak numbers. With this setup the car made 333 bhp and 410 nm of torque. When you comapre those peak numbers to that of the new setup you wouldn't think there was much difference at all. The red lines (new X-47R turbo) show peak figures of 328 bhp and 435 nm of torque which would mean slightly less power than the original setup, but 25 nm more.

When you look further into it though, it becomes apparent there is much more to a dyno graph than just peak numbers. If you pick 3,000 rpm on the graph the car actually produces 130 nm of torque MORE than the original setup and 50 bhp too! This is why we try to explain to customers not to get too caught up on peak figures because there is often much more than just numbers to a dyno graph.

Power: 328 bhp

Torque: 435 nm

Ford Fiesta ST rolling road dyno graph

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