Ford Fiesta ST180 - Revo Stage 1 Software

Ford Fiesta ST180 - Revo Stage 1 Software

After upgrading to this stunning Ford Fiesta ST 180 from the 1.0 EcoBoost the owner of this car used to have, he decided to make the most of the Revo Black Friday sale. The car has H&R lowering springs fitted, so with the suspension sorted, the next thing to focus on was the performance. Looking to go to Stage 2 in the new year, Stage 1 was used as a "stepping stone" to tide him over until the required parts were installed.

As with every Fiesta ST we see, they always make more than the claimed 180 bhp. This was the newer Euro 6 model, with an ITG intake kit already fitted, so produced over 200 bhp as standard! With the Revo software installed on the car though, the car takes a new lease of life, really livening up with the much improved throttle response.

Power gained: 15 bhp

Torque gained: 29 ftlb

Ford Fiesta ST 180 Revo Stage 1

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