Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI - Stage 1

Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI - Stage 1

After purchasing this Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI (125 bhp model), the owner felt the car didn't perform as well as it should so he brought it to us for our Stage 1 remap. As with a lot of Fords, 1st and 2nd gear have torque limiters set very low. This means the car feels slow to pull away. Once remapped, this is completely different, and drivability is improved massively, not only in 1st and 2nd gear, but throughout.

As well as the improvement in both power and torque throughout the rev range, we expect to see an increase of around 8-12% in fuel economy.

Power increase: 14 bhp

Torque increase: 29 ftlb

Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCI rolling road dyno graph

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