Ford Focus 1.6 115 - CustomPro remap

Ford Focus 1.6 115 - CustomPro remap

This Ford Focus uses the 1.6 turbo diesel engine with 115 bhp as standard. You can find the same engine in the Fiesta, but in the bigger chassis, the 1.6 can sometimes feel underpowered. This was the reason for the customer bringing us the Focus in for our CustomPro remap software.

When working with a small engine, peak figures are never huge, but in terms of drivability, an ECU remap can transform the way the car drives. This is particularly true with a lot of Fords where 1st and 2nd gear are limited quite badly to help with traction control. The improvement in low down torque with a sharper throttle response makes these cars drive brilliantly on the road.

Power gained: 16 bhp

Torque gained: 38 nm

Ford Focus 1.6 115 rolling road dyno graph

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