Ford Focus ST - Dyno test

Ford Focus ST - Dyno test

This Ford Focus ST 225 came to us for rolling road testing. The owner had just bought the car and it was sold as "standard". With the exhaust the way it is and the way it drove, he knew it wasn't. The car was booked in for a rolling road test to see what power the car was producing, then to see if we could better it (the owner explained the car didn't drive brilliantly).

The result from the dyno test can be found below. As expected, the car had the stock intercooler and as we know the stock intercooler on these cars struggle even at Stage 1! The AFR (air fuel ratio) was also too lean which needed correcting sooner rather than later. With this, the owner ordered a brand new Airtec intercooler with ourselves, ready for installation and our CustomPro remap in the next few weeks.

Power: 278 bhp

Torque: 450 nm

Ford Focus ST rolling road dyno graph

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