Ford Ranger 2.2 - CustomPro remap

Ford Ranger 2.2 - CustomPro remap

This car does not look like your ordinary Ford Ranger. This is the 2.2 150 bhp Black Ops version. Initially, the owner was interested in remapping his work van for improved fuel economy but instead opted for our CustomPro remap on his pride and joy! 

Not only did it look fantastic on the dyno but it also produced brilliant standard figures. With the standard dyno testing complete, it was now our job to improve the power to match the way it looks!

The graph below shows the difference our software made. Obviously this type of vehicle is not designed for all out speed, but bringing peak power in from 3,100 rpm to a much more usable 2,500 rpm definitely helps make the car feel much stronger low down, as does the increase in torque which is throughout the rpm range.

Power gained: 28 bhp

Torque gained: 63 nm

Ford Ranger Black Ops 2.2 rolling road dyno graph

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