Ford Transit 2.2 125 - CustomPro remap

Ford Transit 2.2 125 - CustomPro remap

This Ford Transit pickup uses the 2.2 125 bhp model engine. It initially came to us with a tuning box installed for rolling road testing and the result from that can be seen on the graph. After seeing the result from the tuning box and discussing various options regarding an ECU tune, the owner opted for our CustomPro software.

On the graph below you will see stock, tuning box and CustomPro runs. Not all tuning boxes are bad, there are some very good ones, but unfortunately, this was not one of them.

Power gained over stock: 45 bhp
Power gained over tuning box: 39 bhp

Torque gained over stock: 61 nm
Torque gained over tuning box: 41 nm

Ford Transit 2.2 125 rolling road dyno graph

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