Ford Transit 2.2 125 - CustomPro remap software

Ford Transit 2.2 125 - CustomPro remap software

If you've read our recent blog posts, you'll find we love it when a car comes in with "de-tuned" software. What this means is, the manufacturer, in this case Ford, build one engine, but produce various bhp models. In this example, the 2.2 Ford Transit Custom comes in the 100, 125 and 155 bhp models, but the actual engine is identical with the standard ECU software differentiating between them.

This is good news for us. This means we can immediately increase the power to 155 bhp with absolutely no additional strain on the engine. With our Stage 1 software, this is exactly what we do. With our CustomPro software, we then take the power and torque to the next level. This means more software revisions with datalogging and dyno testing.

You can see the end result below. Power and torque curves which are now a lot smoother with a huge increase in both power and torque.

Power gained: 45 bhp

Torque gained: 69 ftlb

Ford Transit 2.2 125 rolling road dyno graph

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