Ford Transit Custom 2.2 100bhp - CustomPro software

Ford Transit Custom 2.2 100bhp - CustomPro software

The new Ford Transit 2.2 engines come in 3 power variatiosn. The 100, 125 and 155 models. The brilliant thing Ford do to reduce cost in producing these vans is to create one engine, but 3 variations using ECU software. This is great news for owners of the 100 bhp model because it means we can essentially tune what is a 155 bhp engine to gain even more power and torque! This also means there is very little additional stress placed on the engine components because they are designed to withstand 155 bhp at a very safe level.

The graph below shows just how much of a difference ECU software can make to this van. This particular example made just over 106 bhp as standard, but still left us a huge amount of room for improvement. Peak torque when standard was made at 1,800 rpm, but now as you can see we're making more torque than peak between 1,600 rpm and 4,000 rpm! So essentially the whole rev range.

Power gained: 72 bhp

Torque gained: 141 nm

Ford Transit Custom 2.2 100 rolling road dyno graph

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