Honda Civic Type R FK2 - Martelius cat-back

Honda Civic Type R FK2 - Martelius cat-back

The owner of this Honda Civic Type R FK2 brought us this Martelius cat-back system to install. The standard system comprises of two resonators, two small backboxes and a helmholtz resonator chamber. As you can see below, the two systems utilise a very different layout and the Martelius system actually removes the two front resonators and replaces the helmholtz chamber with a bigger backbox, with two smaller backboxes on the tailpipes.

Martelius exhaust vs. stock exhaust

In terms of aesthetics, the stock tailpipes were already quite large to follow suit with the style of the car, but the new system looked much more appealing with a slash cut finish.

Standard exhaust - Honda Civic FK2

Honda Civic FK2 Type R Martelius

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