Hyundai Veloster - CustomPro remap

Hyundai Veloster - CustomPro remap

This is the Hyundai Veloster and is not a car you see very much of at all, which is a shame really because once tuned, the car is brilliant! It uses the 1.6 GDI turbo engine and is out there to rival the Ford Fiesta ST which is a car we love. The Veloster comes in two power variations, the 186 and the 204 but this model was the 186 bhp version.

With the use of premium fuel, in this case Shell V Power, we began tuning the car's ECU. As standard the car was making slightly over claimed factory figures, but this could have been down to the AEM intake that was installed on the car. It wasn't too long ago people were seeing around 230 bhp from a 2.0 petrol turbo engine. It shows how much technology has moved on since then as we regularly see similar power from your average 1.6 petrol turbo engines.

Power gained: 31 bhp

Torque gained: 64 nm

Hyundai Veloster rolling road dyno graph

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