Mercedes C43 AMG - CustomPro remap

Mercedes C43 AMG - CustomPro remap

The C43 AMG is the C63's little brother, but the power and torque this car produces is fantastic, coupled with the 9 speed auto gearbox and 4matic four wheel drive system, you can actually utilise the power, not to mention the brilliant sound it produces even when standard!

The 3.0 V6 twin turbo engine produces a claimed 367 bhp and 520 nm of torque, but our dyno showed the car using Shell V Power produced over 400 bhp standard! As you can see the car benefitted massively from a raised rpm limiter as power delivery was very linear.

Power gained: 50 bhp @ 4,800 rpm

Torque gained: 75 nm @ 4,800 rpm

Mercedes C43 AMG rolling road dyno graph

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