Mercedes CLA45 AMG - Stage 2 CustomPro

Mercedes CLA45 AMG - Stage 2 CustomPro

This stunning Mercedes CLA45 AMG was delivered to us from Wrap Monkey who had just finished wrapping the car in Solarbeam Yellow. We immediately began fitting our Richter decat downpipe, the Rebellion intake kit and rear Eibach wheel spacers.

Mercedes CLA45 AMG parts

With the parts installed, we turned our attention to the Stage 2 CustomPro remap software. After owning an A45 AMG a year ago with a very similar setup, we already had a lot of knowledge in which we could work from.

Mercedes CLA45 AMG wheel spacers

For something so small and simple as a pair of wheel spacers, the difference is huge.

You can hear how amazing this car sounds in this short video we shot below:

As you can see below on the dyno graph, the power torque difference is huge. This car has uses an ECU which goes through something called "adaptions". This means over the next thousand miles or so, the ECU will be adapting to the new settings we have installed and we tend to see a slight improvement in power after this process.

Power gained: 44 bhp

Torque gained: 82 ftlb

Mercedes CLA45 AMG CustomPro rolling road dyno graph

Mercedes CLA45 AMG

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