Mercedes S320 CDI - CustomPro remap

Mercedes S320 CDI - CustomPro remap

This Mercedes S-class is the 320CDI which comes with 235 bhp as standard. The owner of this car also has a Porsche 911 turbo and uses this for every day driving. The main complaint was the sheer difference in the way the car drives between the two cars. He was of the understanding the S-class was never going to drive like the Porsche, but just wanted that additional power and drivability.

The main focus on this car was adding power and torque in the low rpm to improve the responsiveness because the automatic gearbox doesn't allow for driving in the high rpm, that's not what this car was designed to do.

With that in mind we began tuning the car through the OBD port and after a few software revisions, you see the finished product below, a massive amount of torque!

Power gained: 50 bhp @ 2,000 rpm

Torque gained: 148 nm

Mercedes S320 CDI - rolling road dyno graph

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