Mercedes Vito 114 CDI - CustomPro remap

Mercedes Vito 114 CDI - CustomPro remap

This Mercedes Vito 114 CDI uses the same 2.1 turbo diesel engine that can be found in the C220 CDI and other models. This was also the automatic version with "flappy paddles". Originally the car comes from the factory with a claimed 136 bhp but they also produce the 116 CDI which comes with 163 bhp, meaning the engine is identical, but with a software change to reduce power. If you've read our other blogs discussing de-tuned engines, then you'll be familiar with the outcome and what to expect. For those of you who haven't, read on and you'll see why we love de-tuned engines.

The graph below shows the massive improvement we managed to achieve. When the van was standard, peak power was made at 3,900 rpm, with our CustomPro software, we make the same amount of power at 2,100 rpm, with 61 bhp still left to reach!

Power gained: 61 bhp

Torque gained: 160 nm

Mercedes Vito 2.1 136 rolling road dyno graph

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