Milltek systems - 10% off

Milltek systems - 10% off

A lot of people are unaware but we also supply aftermarket parts which will go hand in hand with your ECU remap. We offer fantastic deals and discount off RRP companies advertise at. This week alone we've fitted 3 Milltek cat-back systems all taking advantage of the 10% off we offer.

The 3 cars were a mk5 Volkswagen V6 R32, a 4.2 V8 Audi S5 and the Ford Mustang with the 5.0 V8 engine you can see above.

The standard R32 system was looking a bit tired whilst the tailpipes didn't exactly fill the cutout in the bumper. With plans to leave the standard cats in place, the owner opted for the non-resonated version and what a difference it made!

Volkswagen R32 Milltek cat-back

Below is the system for the Audi S5, again, opting for the non-resonated system. None of these cars sounded bad at all when standard, but when you have a V6 or a V8, you want people to know what it is!

Audi S5 4.2 V8 Milltek cat-back

And finally was the Ford Mustang V8 cat-back, again from Milltek. This car was very quiet when standard from inside the cabin, but with the Milltek replacement, really opened up and sounded incredible!

Ford Mustang V8 Milltek cat-back

Contact us now to enquire about aftermarket parts for your car! We offer a huge variety of parts from exhausts to intercoolers, and lowering springs to intakes.


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